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2017: A Reading (and Writing) Odyssey

I don’t know about you, but I’m so looking forward to the end of 2017. It’s been such an exhausting and depressing year for humanity. Everything‘s been exhausting: from daily life to most of what I’ve been reading on headlines and social media, to everything in local and global politics. Some days, I feel like not getting out of bed at all.

Thank goodness for books, then.

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CNF in One Sitting

I’ve never shied away from long novels and essays. But sometimes I get impatient, and want to read something short and blunt, preferably going from cover to cover in just one sitting. And in between the books I had scheduled for the next review, I impulsively went through two creative nonfiction (CNF) books talking about two very different things.

In the spirit of their conciseness, I’ll make this as short as I can. (Yeah, right.)

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The Bookish Weekend!

"the love of a book" by Jose Carlos Norte

Uh-huh. I “heart” you, too. [Photo by Jose Carlos Norte]

I’ve noticed (belatedly, I might add) that I’ve gone through a few big lifestyle changes as I got older. I’ve become an introvert and a homebody, and you (well, those who belong to my limited circle of friends/acquaintances) better have a damn good reason to get me to leave my apartment. I consider work, food, movies, drinks, and awesome conversations as valid reasons — of course, the company’s a given.

Books, art, learning, literature and history are great reasons, too. I’m happy I got all those the weekend before Typhoon Rammasun/Glenda hit the major Philippine island of Luzon (that includes Mega Manila). Time to get bookish!

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Trying To Get My Groove Back.

OK, got it. Turning back now. Photo from stock.xchng.

I’m a working writer. My life is shaped by deadlines, guidelines, headlines, bylines, and lines. But when it comes to my personal writing projects, I’m stuck in a dreadful years-long creative rut.

A few weeks back, I “finished” writing my first short story in seven years. I still think some parts need to be redone, but for now I’ll leave it as is. It felt real nice to do what I’ve loved doing before I started working, and it sure made me happy. But it also frustrated me; writing was never this hard for me back then. In my most recent effort, I was self-editing before closing paragraphs, doubting in the middle of outlining, overhauling while writing, and comparing and recalling similar stories as I typed. The ideas sound great in my head, but look shitty on paper and on screen.

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