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The Bookish Weekend!

"the love of a book" by Jose Carlos Norte

Uh-huh. I “heart” you, too. [Photo by Jose Carlos Norte]

I’ve noticed (belatedly, I might add) that I’ve gone through a few big lifestyle changes as I got older. I’ve become an introvert and a homebody, and you (well, those who belong to my limited circle of friends/acquaintances) better have a damn good reason to get me to leave my apartment. I consider work, food, movies, drinks, and awesome conversations as valid reasons — of course, the company’s a given.

Books, art, learning, literature and history are great reasons, too. I’m happy I got all those the weekend before Typhoon Rammasun/Glenda hit the major Philippine island of Luzon (that includes Mega Manila). Time to get bookish!

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Bookworming In Taipei!

Most people form certain traditions through the years, especially when they travel. For me, it’s bookworming while traveling! Since 2009, I’ve made it a point to visit bookstores, drool all over the merchandise (not literally, of course), and purchase a couple of titles. I remember hoarding paperbacks in Langkawi and Kuala Lumpur and worrying if the new books will fit in my small wheeled luggage, or meet the check-in quota. Sadly, some of them remain untouched on my shelf, but that’ll change eventually − of course, these titles will make an appearance here on The Reading Spree.

I arrived in Manila early yesterday morning from a three-day holiday in Taipei, Taiwan, with two longtime friends. On our last day in the city (Monday), and in keeping with my short list of “non-negotiables”, Tintin and I visited two beautiful bookstores that have been featured in print and online magazines, and are well-known among Taiwanese bibliophiles and in-the-know travelers: the quirky and unique VVG Something, and the behemoth known as Eslite. Tradition sustained; books bought; wallet drained. 😉

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