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2017: A Reading (and Writing) Odyssey

I don’t know about you, but I’m so looking forward to the end of 2017. It’s been such an exhausting and depressing year for humanity. Everything‘s been exhausting: from daily life to most of what I’ve been reading on headlines and social media, to everything in local and global politics. Some days, I feel like not getting out of bed at all.

Thank goodness for books, then.

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More Future Worlds!

Well. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but… we’re still living in an alternate reality, and it’s just getting worse. I was hoping things would be back to “normal” by this time, but no dice.

Fiction is becoming more comforting and reliable than real life. And while I’m as angry and astounded as everyone else about global proceedings, I find myself delving more into fiction (specifically, those about future worlds) for solace.

I’ve also been reading more local novels and anthologies. I spent the past year taking fiction techniques and workshop classes for grad school (and writing my own short stories), so I wanted to see how other Filipino writers do science fiction and speculative fiction. Or, put in another way, I wanted to see how different our class lessons are from what’s actually being published and demanded by readers.

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Bookworming in Baguio… Again.

There are some places that you can’t help but return to, and not just once. For me, Baguio City is one of those constant destinations.

Baguio reminds me of long road trips with family and siblings’ friends in the ’90s, way back when an eight-hour travel time from Manila was normal, and the long way through Dau was the “shortest” route. Baguio is where we all go to escape the unbearable heat in the city. Baguio’s where you stop if you’re headed further north, e.g. Sagada, Ilocos, or San Juan.

More recently, Baguio is the first place that comes to mind whenever I want to get away from everyone else, but still be just one bus ride away in case there’s an emergency at home. I now also think of Baguio whenever I want to score some great books.

I was back in Baguio yet again last month. This time around, I was a writing fellow for creative nonfiction (CNF) at this year’s UST National Writers’ Workshop. (So yeah, I got in.) While the workshop kept all of us busy for a week – and those damn storms Gorio and Huaning kept us mostly indoors – we had two days to roam around the city and do whatever we wanted.

Of course, my itinerary included book shopping.

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A Reminder.

In case you wanna see and read more about my first visit to Mt. Cloud Bookshop, click here. 🙂

Getting Bookish.

For some reason, WordPress isn’t following my input and rotating my photo as required.

Column: E or Tree? Of Books and E-Books.

So I thought I already posted my last blog update for the year. Sorry; I’m taking that back. This is the last one for 2014. 🙂

A fellow tech writer asked me for my views on the long-running battle between print books and e-books. This was my response.

(Reposted with permission from 2nd Opinion. You can find the original post here, and it’s also on the magazine’s December 2014 issue. Add ’em up on Facebook, too!)

See? They can play nice. “e-book | e-reader” by Cristian Eslava. (via Flickr and CC BY-SA 2.0)

“E” or Tree?
Why not use both?
by KC Calpo

There are three specific words that I’ve been hearing for years, words that almost automatically get an eye roll in response.

“Print is dead.”

Is it, really? I don’t think so. Not yet, anyway. Give it a few extra decades, maybe.

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Bookworming In Baguio!

I haven’t done a Bookworming In… blog entry since last year, after a three-week backpacking trip to three Asian countries. Didn’t realize it has been that long! Time to break that lengthy spell.

I just came home from a five-day holiday in the City of Pines, two of which were mostly spent on the road. Needed a quick, within-the-budget getaway, and I really missed Baguio’s cold weather. I also wanted to return to a place I’ve been to many times, and not spend so much time adjusting and devoting valuable hours to the usual tourist traps. Another factor: I wanted to go somewhere that’s far enough from everything and everyone, but near enough so I can easily get home in case of emergencies.

The Baguio I knew back then is so much different from the one that exists today. It now has more people, more traffic, and definitely more pollution (and less pine tress and much less of that wonderful pine smell), to name a few basic differences. But there are still plenty of awesome, not-so-touristy places to check out.

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The Latest In E-Booklandia.

I’ve grown to love reading on electronic devices as much as reading print books. Photo by Wiertz Sébastien; downloaded from Flickr.

Well… not really the latest. I’m months behind on all developments, but at least I’m catching up. Somewhat. 😉

Out of all the news items from the past weeks or so, five got my full attention. I’m interested in trying them out — or talking to someone who already has.

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Trying To Get My Groove Back.

OK, got it. Turning back now. Photo from stock.xchng.

I’m a working writer. My life is shaped by deadlines, guidelines, headlines, bylines, and lines. But when it comes to my personal writing projects, I’m stuck in a dreadful years-long creative rut.

A few weeks back, I “finished” writing my first short story in seven years. I still think some parts need to be redone, but for now I’ll leave it as is. It felt real nice to do what I’ve loved doing before I started working, and it sure made me happy. But it also frustrated me; writing was never this hard for me back then. In my most recent effort, I was self-editing before closing paragraphs, doubting in the middle of outlining, overhauling while writing, and comparing and recalling similar stories as I typed. The ideas sound great in my head, but look shitty on paper and on screen.

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This Month’s Link Love!

I’m still working on the next bulk book review (already on the last book!), and I just know it’ll take a while. Hopefully I’ll post something new by the end of the month!

To “tide you over”, here are some of the latest (and… well, not-so-latest) developments, news items and discoveries in the world of words.

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