Sex Criminals, Volume One: One Weird Trick.

Look at that. Almost four whole months have gone by, and I still haven’t finished a single bulk review.

Well… shit.

Relax. I’m working on them. (Yes, I’ve more than one series in the works — which partly explains the long delay.) In the meantime, here’s something relatively new for you: my take on Sex Criminals, Volume One: One Weird Trick. I was supposed to review One and Two together, but my suki comics supplier didn’t come through in time. Sayang.

Which reminds me… I still don’t have Volume Two, and it’s already June. June! goes to the comic-book store

*As seen in UNO Magazine Issue 100 (April 2015); reposted with permission. The only big editorial changes are the swapping of “fucking” for “freaking”, and the inclusion of a title and subtitle; I did only minor edits for this post. Buy a digital copy of UNO April 2015 here.

Of Cumworlds and Non-Superhero Comics

Or why Sex Criminals: Volume One needs to be in your bookshelf (or Kindle)

by KC Calpo

To paraphrase Suzie, one of the main characters of the Eisner Award-winning Sex Criminals: This comic book series. This fucking comic book series.

With a title like that, we can’t blame you for thinking you already know exactly how it’s gonna go down. And yes, Volume One: One Weird Trick is about sex and crime — a specific type of crime committed by Suzie and her new boyfriend, Jon. But there’s much more to these two than their one weird trick.

Unlike in other stories, here, you’ll actually root for the criminals. (Image from Image Comics)

Suzie, an employee at a public library who’s trying to save the facility from foreclosure, holds a fund-raising party at her apartment. She encounters Jon, a secretary and an aspiring actor, in a meet-cute that’s actually cute. Expectedly, these two go from couch to bed, where something magical happens. Continue reading “Sex Criminals, Volume One: One Weird Trick.”

“Saga”: A Fun Space Opera

I’ve never been into love stories. I’m all for the real-life version, but when put on paper, they just don’t look interesting to me. That’s why I don’t read romance novels and chick lit — I don’t care about meet-cutes, superficial situations, and Happily Ever After. There’s much more to life than those plot devices; and I don’t have that many fucks to give.

But I do make a few exceptions. The trick is to throw in elements that keep the love story compelling and fun, and to avoid all things sappy and corny. And no overly tragic tricks, please.

I first heard of Saga a year ago, during one Humble Bundle promo with Image Comics that offered Volumes One and Two. Now with four Volumes out, I can say it’s probably the only comics series about love — sorry, space opera — that I’m fully invested in.

Warning: This post may contain spoilers. Ayan, ha. Klaro.

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Bundled Up!

"A Tidy Bundle" by Ray Sadler
“A Tidy Bundle” by Ray Sadler. Image from Flickr under CC BY-NC 2.0 license; no modifications.

When it comes to books, I’ll always, always prefer owning physical/print versions over digital copies. There’s nothing better than having a book in your hands, turning pages, writing on margins, and underlining and commenting on specific paragraphs and passages. I also don’t have to worry about battery life, file compatibility, or proprietary formats.

(This funny IKEA ad basically highlights what we love about printed material. Amazing. Nice Apple jab, too.)

But I also buy, download and read e-books; and I’ve obviously gotten rid of the “strictly print” stance that I had back in 2010. Took me a while to get to this point, though.

At first, I’d get and read whatever title I wanted, even if that title was locally available. For me, it was all about the lower prices and convenience. Eventually, I saw for myself the downsides of having e-books.

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