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Happy 7th birthday, blog! 😀 Accept my greetings, even if it is 23 days too late. Hahaha!

Future Worlds.

It took me a while (four months, to be exact), but I’m finally ready to write about the next round of books! And for this round, we’re going to the not-so-distant future.

What I love about this particular trio of books — aside from having a clear theme — is that they reminded me of something I really love about reading: the escapism it affords. Yep, real life can suck sometimes. It can suck so hard, you’ll find yourself looking for (healthy) breaks and distractions more often. Getting back to reading didn’t just give me those breaks and most of the oft-mentioned benefits; it also reignited my imagination by taking me to different versions of the future and presenting a trove of scenarios, possible and impossible.

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