The Story Continues (AKA More Comics!)

Here’s the thing. The novels I intended for the next review deal with super-heavy themes. The first book alone took me three months to finish, and I admit it was a difficult read. Who knows when I’ll finish the other two — they’re all thick, mind-boggling, and time-intensive.

To decompress, I needed easy reading material with familiar characters and fresh stories. The answer: comics and graphic novels. Continue reading “The Story Continues (AKA More Comics!)”

“Saga”: A Fun Space Opera

I’ve never been into love stories. I’m all for the real-life version, but when put on paper, they just don’t look interesting to me. That’s why I don’t read romance novels and chick lit — I don’t care about meet-cutes, superficial situations, and Happily Ever After. There’s much more to life than those plot devices; and I don’t have that many fucks to give.

But I do make a few exceptions. The trick is to throw in elements that keep the love story compelling and fun, and to avoid all things sappy and corny. And no overly tragic tricks, please.

I first heard of Saga a year ago, during one Humble Bundle promo with Image Comics that offered Volumes One and Two. Now with four Volumes out, I can say it’s probably the only comics series about love — sorry, space opera — that I’m fully invested in.

Warning: This post may contain spoilers. Ayan, ha. Klaro.

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